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Barbr is a platform that empowers barbers to save time, earn more and unlock their true potential ✨

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Let clients book you in seconds

No more back-and-forth calls and texts with clients! Share your booking link to let anyone see your profile and easily book an appointment.

Earn more money in less time

Barbr makes you more productive and helps attract new clients. Build your brand, earn reputation, optimise your schedule and grow your client list. Time to level up.

Loved by some of the best barbers

Edi  •  Daytrims

“This app changed my life! I can’t imagine working without it. The future”

Reece  •  BluFadez

“Barbr is the cleanest, smoothest booking system out there hands down”

Tanvir  •  7AVFADES

“Helps keep your barber life very well organised and very easy to use, great app”

Jaabir  •  Jay Clips

“Easy to access everything, can see all my clients, bookings and earnings. Makes life very easy”

Why Barbr?

Stop wasting time on admin

Your time is valuable. Let us take care of your schedule, simplify your bookings, manage your online presence and make sure clients respect your time. Now you can focus on cutting hair in peace.

Online and manual bookings

Clients can book directly online based on your availability or you can manually add an appointment (and send the client a text confirmation).

Word of mouth is unbeatable

Set up a unique referral program that lets clients easily refer their friends to get a cut from you in exchange for a discount.

Understand. Learn. Optimise. Grow.

How is my demand spread throughout the week? What price surge or discounts could fix this? When is the best time to take a holiday? How many clients do I need to become fully booked each month? How well am I retaining new clients? Our analytics have the answers.

Say goodbye to no-shows

Barbr lets you set cancellation policies and goes a step further by giving you complete control over how your clients pay. If someone no-shows for a cash booking, just remove their ability to pay cash in the future (online payments let you charge them a fee regardless). 

Keep your clients informed

Clients get automatically reminded via SMS and email before an appointment, reducing no-shows and helping you keep your schedule on track.

Keep em’ coming back for more

Offer clients a unique digital loyalty program that rewards them for booking haircuts. This encourages them to visit you regularly and more often! 

Price slots based on demand

Surge allows you to look at your demand and apply a surge or discount to certain time slots, leading to a more balanced and consistent schedule.

Maximise earnings with promotions

Offer a discount to students or new clients to boost your revenue. Or reward regular clients while business is slow. Birthday discount anyone? These type of promotions help you reach new clients, maximise revenue and client satisfaction.

Business cards with QR links

Get a unique business card with a QR link to let clients easily re-book and increase word of mouth.

Fill cancellations effortlessly

How many times have you had a new opening but not enough time to fill it? Your waiting list is a way for clients eager for a booking to get notified when you have a new slot so they can get fit in. Win/win

No-show protection
smart pricing
Business cards
Waiting list

Powering the next generation of barbers

More time

Your bookings, client management, reminders, payments and analytics are sorted. Spend more time doing what you love.

Effortless growth

Your profile along with reviews, smart analytics, growth tools and a better client experience will help you attract and retain clients.

More money

What do you get when you make your business more efficient AND you start reaching more clients?


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